Body Composition Analysis – InBody570

INBODY 570 – We use the InBody 570 to conduct our body composition analysis, which measures your body in 5 segments to give you the most accurate composition results.  Using 15 impedence measurements via multiple frequencies we are able to measure a wide variety of body health markers with great accuracy.  The InBody 570 uses an 8 point system that distributes the current evenly though out the body.  The information provided by the InBody 570 enables us to view over 40 specific body composition values .

The InBody 570 uses 15 impedance measurements by using 3 different frequencies to measure the 5 segments of the body to provide over 40 parameters relevant and specific to body composition. Please see specifications for a full list.

The InBody 570 allows you or your trainer/health professional to regularly monitor your level of body fat, lean muscle mass and muscular development so you can understand how your diet, lifestyle and training regime are influencing your overall body composition.